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Complete Storefront Designs

Business signs are one of the most effective means of marketing your brand. Brand Identity consists of brand name, logo, symbols, packaging, product or service, and image-based characteristics. All of which can be enhanced by signs. In a survey conducted for a retail business out of 2475 customers interviewed, 1234 of them said they entered the store because of the sign. That is nearly 50% of all their customers.

The Number Speak for Themselves!

Modern Americans are busy people who feel tremendous time pressure. They are often forced to make quick decisions as to where to purchase the goods and services they need. Marketing Communications helps consumers differentiate one company’s products from another. This is done by promoting the existence of the products, providing directions on how to get to the place to get the products, and by putting an image in the consumers mind about the product. Signs are good for this, because you can use signs to put a creative image in the mind of consumers telling them that your product is better than the competitors

Custom Channel Letters

Channel letters make it virtually impossible for your store to go unnoticed. Especially when they are lit up with LED bulbs, channel letter signs can be seen from far distances – including at night. They can either be front lit (where the colorful acrylic facings are lit up), back lit (where the light escapes through both the colorful acrylic facings and through the open backs of the letters) or halo lit (where the fronts of the letters are closed with aluminum but the backs are left open to create a special “glow”).

Get Noticed and Stand Out from your Competition

It’s as simple as this: your store simply looks more professional and prestigious when it has a channel letter sign above its front doors. Some small businesses opt for banners or flat-surface paint jobs to display the names of their stores. The message those business are sending: we’re small time. We’re not looking to invest that much into our brand imaging. The results those businesses are getting: a declining customer base. They’re not really impressing anyone enough to grow their companies.

Custom Awnings & Canopies

These offer the option of providing shade for your business, shelter for your customers in bad weather, and attractive signage. Costs for awning signs depend on the size and fabric of the awning, as well as the hardware needed to hang it.

Do You Stand Out…

From concept to completion, when it comes to commercial awnings, storefront or general awnings for business America Signs does it all. Our team of sales professionals, designers, fabricators and installers has you covered. Together we can design the best and most cost-effective way to enhance your business.

LightBox Signs

There is just something about an illuminated sign that draws people in, and choosing the right manufacturer of this product ensures yours getting the quality in both design and aesthetics. Attract potential customers with light box signs; you’ll notice the difference. Our professionals are focused on providing reasonably priced marketing solutions, and our light boxes are just the tip of the iceberg.

Increase your Visibility Today!

Like with any marketing investment, you will want to be sure it will withstand the usual wear and tear of customers, employees, and any other external elements that might impact its integrity. Lightbox signs offer the stability you have been seeking, and many provide locks to ensure the safety of your investment.

Digital Printing

Our Best Sellers are the products that help you sell the most, and your choices are many. Choose between any of our classic Postcard Designs, or have your own unique, custom marketing tool created by our expert team of designers, marketing professionals and production specialists!


Offset printing is essentially imprinting the plate’s content onto the printing material, which means that the content is physically set and cannot be changed. In digital printing though, there’s no such thing, so you can easily customize each print unit without too much hassle. For example, you can print different names on wedding cards, where only one small area is changed while the remaining is the same.

Custom External Business Signs

Exterior business signs are an essential investment for any business seeking to drive more traffic to their retail location. They help potential and past customers find and identify your business while increasing brand recognition and awareness in your area. Whether you are looking for something small and tasteful or something big, bright, and attention grabbing, external business signs should be the first thing you spend your advertising budget on.

Are you Putting Your Business on Display the Right Way

Historically one of the most cost-effective forms of advertising, external business signs are durable with a high-end, professional appearance. Compared to print or broadcast ads, external business signage is more affordable in the long term as they provide several years of reliable advertising for only the cost of initial set-up.

Vehicle / Vinyl Wraps

Why Vehicle Wraps?

Turn every traffic jam into a marketing opportunity. With the advantage of being mobile, companies can position their vehicle ads anywhere around town, reaching commuters on the road and pedestrians from the sidewalks. Reach audiences of all ages, gender, backgrounds, income, and professions. Also, companies that advertise using an entire fleet have seen boosts in name recognition 15 times greater than using other advertising media.

Let Everyday Life Help Your Business or Personal Life!

Our Design, Print and Installation Crew takes great pride in giving you the very best image on the road. High quality UV digital printing combined with the best 3M vinyl and lamination for long lasting advertising exposure. We provide everything from partial and full wraps to vehicle door magnets, window graphics, and tail gate graphics. Promote your business with a mobile billboard.

Custom Neon Signs

When it comes to designs and styles, you have a lot of freedom with these signs, as these are quite flexible. You can customize the signs by choosing your options from a wide array of symbols, letters, shapes, numbers, and sizes. You get incredible option for logo design as well, because there is a wide color palette option too. So, instead of using stock images, you can design the sign in any color or shape.

Maximize Your Creativity

Though neon lights certainly attract your business, you need to consider certain things while implementing these. Make sure the people around the locality do not get annoyed with the neon lights standing out too much. You should also keep in mind that displaying too many signs can cause a visual clutter making it difficult for potential customers concentrate on what exactly you are trying to advertise. This is the reason you should take help of a professional.

3D Foam Designs

The typical dimensional letter is a flat-cut product that fits flush to the wall. Your customers have likely been conditioned to expect this type of presentation. But when you want to go for the wow factor, give your client something different. The three-dimensional letter is a departure from the norm and brings sophistication as well as pizzazz to your lobby. In some cases, it also provides that in-your-face attitude that makes a brand stand out.

Stand Out From the Crowd!

When the cost of the material might make your presentation fall flat, consider foam to be your go-to selection. Its lightweight qualities allow for impressive depths of up to three inches, and the option of adding metal or plastic laminates opens doors to the creation of the right branding message.

Custom Flag Designs

In terms of design, you can be as imaginative with your custom flags as you wish. If you prefer a row of them, you can include a lot of information about your promotion or sale that you have going on. On the other hand, if your advertising budget is tighter, you can design and order one with more information on it until your budget allows for more down the road.

It all starts with The “Creative”

Custom flags and banners are an asset to your business. They don’t go out of style and they can be used and repurposed over many years. You won’t ever have to replace them unless they get damaged or destroyed somehow, and you can put them up and pull them back down as you see fit. This means that you only pay for them once, but you can keep earning a continuous return on your investment every time you bring them back out throughout the years.

Custom Metal Signs

For the longevity you get out of an aluminum signs, you might expect it to cost more. On the contrary, aluminum is actually one of the most inexpensive materials you can use for a sign, beating out substrates like plastic and wood. As such, you can get quite a lot of value out of aluminum sign purchases

Strenth, Durability, and Looks..

you can choose from brushed, polished or mirrored finishes. This is one of the biggest reasons why professional office buildings tend to make heavy use of aluminum signs—not only do they not cost a whole lot of money, but they have an attractive and luxurious appearance!